The Proof of the Outside

barbed-wire-155797_1280Ele is Inside. So are the Others.

They don’t believe Ele when she says there is an Outside. But one day, Ele finds a hole in the wall and the proof of the Outside starts leaking in.

Character-driven crossover fiction with a striking voice, this novel is my current work-in-progress.

First chapter

Here’s the thing about being Inside. Ain’t no one believes that they are.

Pretty stupid, as there are clues just about all over. Feed rattling down pipes from somewhere else. That dirty ol’ smell on Him when He barges in through the door.

And the door. And Him.

But the Others – they stick their fingers in their ear holes and tell me to quit with my lies. They’re as happy as can be inside these four walls. They eat when it’s time to eat. Sleep when it’s time to sleep. Read when it’s time to read. Far as they see, ain’t no need to see no Outside.

Or maybe they’re just scared.

Not me though. I’m gonna get me my proof.

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